Understanding Symptoms is the First Step Toward Feeling Better

Designed by industry-leading GI physicians, MyGiHealth is a cloud-based, patient-focused healthcare application that enables patients to monitor, manage, and understand their symptoms while enhancing the patients’ relationship and communication with their integrated care team, and as a recruiting tool to find highly characterized and qualified patients for clinical trials.

For Patients

Patients can utilize our academically researched and validated tools to assess, track, and compare symptoms to benchmarks and learn more about them in our Education Center.

For Providers

Clinicians can prescribe use of the app before, during, and after an initial consultation with a patient to create an efficient and accurate way for the patient to provide symptom history.

For Researchers

Leveraging MyGiHealth’s patient population and analytics tools, our mission is to improve the efficiency of clinical trials by helping recruit patients on time and within budget.

Our Partners

Functional GI Diagnostics

MyGiHealth was developed by My Total Health Inc., a strategic partnership of CDI, as the first of a pipeline of novel health applications created by the team. Learn more at mygi.health.