CDI leads the way in gastrointestinal diagnostics with the only ISO 13485-certified, FDA-registered at-home hydrogen and methane breath tests for adult patients.

Our comprehensive suite of non-invasive breath tests includes diagnostics for SIBO/IMO and carbohydrate malabsorption disorders (fructose, lactose, sucrose), offering gastroenterologists accurate tools for diagnosing a broad spectrum of functional GI disorders.

Clinically Validated. Trusted by Gastroenterologists.

CDI’s breath tests set industry standards for clinical validity, endorsed by the North American Consensus and ACG Clinical Guidelines for SIBO. Adhering to clinical best practices, our tests deliver unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and reliable results, proven over a decade of rigorous validation studies. Discover how CDI’s trusted diagnostic solutions can enhance treatment efficacy and patient care in your practice.

Comprehensive At-Home Breath Testing Solutions for Adult GI Health

Step into the future of adult GI diagnostics with CDI. Our breath testing solutions are crafted to address the unique diagnostic needs of adult patients, setting a new standard in gastroenterology care. They provide reliable, accurate assessments that support effective treatment and improved patient outcomes. Discover the impact our breath tests can have on your clinical practice and enhance the quality of life for your patients.

(Adult GI)

Often underlying causes of chronic bloating, diarrhea, and constipation in adults, effectively diagnosed with our precise breath tests.


Identifies impaired absorption of fructose which can lead to significant abdominal discomfort in adults.


Our tests diagnose lactose intolerance, helping to alleviate common symptoms such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea.


Detects deficiencies in sucrase enzyme production, crucial for effective sucrose metabolism and overall digestive health.

Benefits of Choosing CDI's Adult Breath Testing

Non-Invasive and Stress-Free:

Designed with patient comfort in mind, our breath tests remove the anxiety and discomfort associated with more invasive diagnostic methods.

Unmatched Diagnostic Precision:

Leveraging advanced technology and rigorous validation, CDI’s breath tests deliver exceptional accuracy in detecting SIBO, IMO, and carbohydrate malabsorption.

Empowering Informed Treatment Decisions:

Our detailed diagnostic outputs enable healthcare providers to tailor personalized treatment plans, significantly improving therapeutic outcomes.

Ideal for Ongoing Treatment Monitoring:

Our tests’ ease of use makes them perfect for regular monitoring, helping to track the efficacy of treatments and make necessary adjustments over time.

Safety and Reliability:

With no radiation exposure and a non-invasive format, our tests are safe for repeated use and ideal for managing chronic conditions without additional health risks.

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