Please read carefully regarding CDI’s policies on invalid test results:

An invalid breath test means that CDI was not able to provide a valid result to your provider. The specific reason for an invalid result is provided in the report. Please contact your provider for more information.  Here is a list of reasons why your breath test may be invalid:

  • Breath test arrived after the two-week analysis timeframe
  • Invalid Baseline SampleInvalid baselines are caused by the patient not taking a proper sample for the first tube. CDI may not know that a test is invalid until it is fully processed by the lab.  Patients may still be billed for the test if the test is invalid due to patient error. As all of our results are based on the baseline sample, and we follow the North American Consensus on Breath Testing, CDI is not able to provide a valid result when the baseline sample is not collected properly. Additional information is provided on your result report provided to your doctor that explains how your provider can use the results to help either form an interpretation or recommend retesting CDI will bill patients when the result is an “Invalid” due to an invalid baseline sample, however, CDI also offers patients a complimentary second test if the patient completes payment for their original test.
  • Incorrect collection timing
  • Invalid samples
  • Did not label test tubes
  • Test kit was expired
  • Non-CDI kit components were used
  • Substrate was not ingested at the correct time
  • Samples were collected across multiple days
  • Multiple damaged septa

CDI will bill the patient when the result is invalid due to failure to comply with the Instructions For Use located in the test kit. CDI will offer a complimentary second test if the patient completes payment for the original test. Please contact our customer service team at 888-258-5966 or to confirm or make payment on the original test kit and initiate the complimentary test kit.