Millions suffer from digestive problems

There is an alternative to invasive
diagnostic methods


Patient Friendly Solutions to Gastrointestinal Disorder Detection

Commonwealth Diagnostics International, Inc. (CDI) provides hydrogen and methane breath testing
along with blood tests to quickly and reliably diagnose the following conditions:

CDI helps provide better care for patients

Our tests give your patients an accurate, rapid diagnosis while offering an
easy alternative to invasive diagnostic techniques.

Fast, Non-Invasive Diagnosis

CDI’s affiliated laboratories provide easy-to-use, take-home breath test kits that allow patients to administer the test in the comfort of their own home.  No invasive testing, no patient discomfort.

Our proprietary ELISA-based blood test is simple and straightforward and can be performed by any healthcare professional. Like our breath tests there is no invasive testing and minimal patient discomfort.

The healthcare provider receives results from all tests within 24 hours of receiving a patient specimen at CDI’s affiliated laboratories.

Our services are expanding rapidly around the globe

 Contact us to learn how you can offer CDI’s patient-friendly
gastrointestinal disorder detection tests in your country.