FAQ: Results Interpretation

Q: What does it mean when all values are low with one spike?

  • A1: Hydrogen test: Breathing two or three times before collecting the sample can cause this.
  • A2: Methane test: This is common; methane diffuses quickly, which can cause this to happen.

Q: What does it mean when the values are all zeros (or all twos etc)?

  • A1: This is very common. Up to 5% of all Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth tests are ‘‘flatliners.’’
  • A2: This can either be caused by levels of hydrogen sulfide or methane below our detection limits.

Q: What do high values throughout the test mean?

  • A1: Hydrogen test: Poor preparation or a condition such as gastroparesis.
  • A2: Methane test: This is Normal

Q: What does it mean when there is a high baseline followed by decreasing values?

  • A: Poor test preparation.

Q: What do low values followed by a peak at #6 or #7 mean?

  • A1: This can be due to a faster transit time than our test cut-off time.
  • A2: Because the average start of colonic activity is around 105 minutes.

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