About Breath Testing

Commonwealth Diagnostics International (CDI), Inc.’s breath test kits include an instruction booklet. The patient simply administers the test and returns the breath specimen to CDI. A CDI-affiliated laboratory will analyze the specimen and report the result back to the healthcare provider via fax or our HIPAA-compliant, web-based reporting system.

At CDI, we aim to eliminate the cumbersome process often associated with breath testing and provide a simplistic model that is highly convenient for both the healthcare provider and his or her patients.

Hydrogen breath tests are accurate and patient friendly

CDI’s hydrogen breath tests require a 24-hour prep period comprised of a 12-hour specific diet, followed by a 12-hour fast. Patients must be off antibiotics, probiotics and certain medications prior to performing the test.

Before you prepare to take your test, please watch our instructional video by clicking here, and read the instruction pamphlet included in your test kit for more detailed instructions.